Album Review: Alesana – Confessions

Confessions by Alesana

#aotd is Confessions by Alesana. When I was in year eight Alesana was a pivotal transition band for me as I got into heavier music. As I have grown older however, their music has lost much of its appeal. I still find myself returning to a few of their songs though, because as flawed as they can be at times, Alesana have many great melodramatic hooks spread throughout their discography. Confessions is immediately identifiable as an Alesana, the band still have all their infamous, corny melodrama intact however this may be their most streamlined album yet. The band have chosen to delve into a heavier route for this album but unfortunately heaviness never was Alesana’s strength and it is evident here. The screams are just as gargled and over the top as ever but the cleans seem to have been dialled back significantly which makes the hooks far less memorable. The theatricality of the other albums is here but not as well implemented. The lyrics are definitely the biggest flaw of this album though, Alesana cross the line between corny to downright cringe several times over the album. There are a couple fun tracks here that are memorable because of the theatricalities and the generally good singing but I found myself pretty disappointed with the overall result.
Rating 2.6/5


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