Album Review: Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color

Sound & Colour by Alabama Shakes

#aotd is Sound & Colour by Alabama Shakes. On this album Alabama Shakes play very nostalgic, soul-infused rock. The songs here are all lead by the guitar and vocal work of the frontwoman whose voice is reminiscent of some of the great soul singers of the past. Her voice is the driving force of the album and is impressively powerful and has a varied range. The album maintains a very chilled-out tempo throughout which is fun to dance to but also very easy to tune out to and fade into the background. My biggest gripe with the album is the production which, despite the pretty distorted sounds of the guitars, just seems too sterile and crisp, with not enough grit. There is also some pretty great background instrumentation here that just feels too buried in the mix behind the vocals and guitar. This album is a relaxing listen with the frontwoman putting on a fucking clinic in soulful singing and groovy guitar work but the stale production and repetitive pace stops this from being great to me.
Rating 3.2/5


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