Album Review: As It Is – Never Happy, Ever After

Never Happy, Ever After by As It Is

#aotd is Never Happy, Ever After by As It Is. On this album the band play a pretty familiar brand Pop-Punk which will easily resonate with fans of the genre. The band change up the pace a few times during the album, throwing in a few slower songs in between the usual catchy, hook-driven pop-punk tunes fans have become accustomed to. These slower songs provide some of the better moments on the album, because A. It sees the band breaking the modern pop-punk formula they follow to a Tee and B. The lead singer’s ridiculously nasally voice is less apparent. The vocals hear are functional and on some tracks actually show some proper technical ability but on others it is way too grating. The album is also not helped by the average production which keeps it from being as punchy and fun as it could be. Even with these issues the hooks are still way too great to deny and the cheesy lyrics are fun to sing along to. Never Happy, Ever After is a functional pop-punk album that shows promise of something better but unfortunately falls into mediocrity.
Rating 2.9/5


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