Album Review: Ciara – Jackie

Jackie by Ciara

#aotd is Jackie by Ciara. On this album Ciara leans more towards her dance-pop sensibilities than some of the more R&B-inspired material she has released in the past. The album starts out on a low with the opener “Jackie (B.M.F.)” which features painfully awkward tempo changes and cringe-worthy lyrics to boot. After a few other not so great songs the album finally starts picking up some steam with strong songs like “Lullaby” and “I Bet” playing more to Ciara’s penchant for catchy choruses and the latter to her great voice. The production on this album is functional at best and stale at its worst, relying way too much on bland dance beats which are too unoriginal to be fun. This combined with the cliché’ subject matter tackled on these songs makes it difficult to see this as anything more than a forgettable pop album. Ciara sounds great for the most part but some of her attempts at snarky hip-hop styled refrains sound ridiculous. The first single of this album “I Bet” is the best thing to come from all this, so definitely go check out that song but everything else on here ranges from forgettable to some real “poor man’s Beyonce” crap.
Rating: 2.4/5


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