Album Review: Clarence Clarity – NO NOW

NO NOW by Clarence Clarity

#aotd is NO NOW by Clarence Clarity. The music on this album is a mix of Alternative R&B and Electronic Noise. It pretty much sounds like a Pop R&B album that was dropped into hell and then spat back out again. That’s definitely not a bad thing though as the visceral hellish noises used on this album make it stand out from its peers in the genre. So many other Alt. R&B acts are becoming so obsessed with using washed-out, quiet and subtle production that it is refreshing to hear an R&B album so loud and jarring. Clarence’s voice isn’t the most technically impressive in the genre by any means but it is often delegated as more an extra noise in the clusterfuck of sound being presented here. Surprisingly, this album does have a few hooks and Clarence has a mean falsetto on him to make them real earworms amongst the chaos. After a while though, the intensity of the noises can feel a bit overwhelming, especially since this album is just over an hour long, by the end of the album it is all a bit much. In controlled doses though this album is fascinating, it conjures up feelings of paranoia and discomfort with its sinister sounding noisy production all while having plenty of catchy choruses which get stuck in your head. If you’re looking for a fun album to wake you up in the morning with huge amounts of noise than go for this album, keep in mind though, it is better in smaller doses.
Rating: 3.6/5


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