Album Review: Dead Vandals – #

# by Dead Vandals

#aotd is 2014’s # by Dead Vandals. My relationship with aussie hip-hop has been a testy one. As one of the kids who listened to “heavy” music at my school, aussie hip-hop was a genre of music which was popular in social circles I actively avoided and just didn’t get along with. Of course, over the years that silliness dissipated but I am still always a bit hesitant to dive into an aussie hip-hop album. Calling # an aussie hip-hop album however, would be doing it a disservice as it does quite a bit to separate itself from the genres heavyweights. The most obvious difference is the spastic and noisy production style which is rife with white noise and thunderous bass. This production is masterfully implemented though, knowing exactly when to go all out and when to relent. The rapping on here is technically and lyrically excellent as well. The flow will not be unfamiliar if you have listened to the genre before, if anything it is a bit faster than what is commonly heard. Lyrically though, this album introspectively tackles themes of drug abuse and our place in society in a fucked up, unfair world. The album is rough around the edges but in most cases it just adds to the dark and moody vibe it gives of. If you like wordy hip-hop with weird production, you really can’t miss this hugely underrated album (these guys have like 130 facebook likes!?). rating: 4.1/5


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