Album Review: Eidola – Degeneraterra

Degeneraterra by Eidola

#aotd is Degeneraterra by Eidola. This album is the debut effort from Eidola and musically is similar to the progressive-rock meets post-hardcore sound of bands like Circa Survive. For a debut album it is super ambitious, being an hour in runtime and featuring an over-arching concept. These guys pour everything they have into this album and that is clear on some of the fantastic songs on here. While their influences are evident and the band does struggle to sound unique at some stages, the tightness of the performances makes them sound far more experienced than they really are. The frontman especially sounds very capable behind the mic, showing off a pretty impressive range with a passionate performance. The band shows their inexperience in the structuring of this album though. The album comes out the gate with a bunch of really punchy and memorable songs and this lasts for the first half of the album. As we approach the second half however, the band starts to throw in a bunch of slower tracks or longer tracks with predominately slower parts. With the back-end of this album featuring an uneven bulk of slower material the pacing of the album overall is poor and it would have benefitted immensely from spreading out these slower moments. Also the album overstays its welcome a bit with the band’s sound growing fairly redundant by the time you finally reach the final track. While it sounds passionate as hell, over-ambition stifles this album in a big way, however the stellar first half makes this worth checking out.
Rating: 3.4/5


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