Album Review: Emma Ruth Rundle – Some Heavy Ocean

Some Heavy Ocean by Emma Ruth Rundle

#aotd is 2014’s Some Heavy Ocean by Emma Ruth Rundle. On this album Emma plays slow, brooding songs which have distinct elements of both Post-Rock and Folk music. Instrumentally, this album takes a minimal approach with Emma’s acoustic and voice being at the forefront of the mix. This album is not stripped-back however, Emma is accompanied by some amazing production flourishes which amplifies the atmosphere of this album to dizzying heights. The production here does a great job at taking solid acoustic songs and making them sound grand and expansive. The album still has tonnes of that acoustic charm though and the striking production only adds to the emotions on display here. The star of this album is the amazing voice and raw performance of Emma herself. Her voice is simply beautiful; the way she explodes into these passionate crescendos on some of these songs is equal parts mesmerising and heartbreaking. Her performance feels very genuine and you really experience every pain and triumph she explores in this album. Her lyrics are vague but her performance confirms that they are coming from a very real place. Sometimes I found myself getting so lost in the composition of the songs here I found I was not paying attention to the lyrics at all, particularly on the longer and slower cuts. If you are looking for an album to get lost in on a rainy day or a fucking spectacular female voice, don’t miss this album.
Rating: 4.2/5


One thought on “Album Review: Emma Ruth Rundle – Some Heavy Ocean

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