Album Review: Faith No More – Sol Invictus

Sol Invictus by Faith No More

#aotd is Sol Invictus by Faith No More. FNM are a prestigious Alternative Rock band with more than one classic album under their belt and this new comeback album doesn’t stray too far from their niche’ sound. There is a welcome sense of familiarity on Sol Invictus and it is clear from the get go that the band are just as volatile as they were in their heyday. Patton’s performance has not lost any of its eccentricities and bounces between smooth baritone deliveries to throat-shredding screeches. Most impressive to me is the man’s willingness to experiment; while he could easily sing in an accessible, catchy tone he chooses to change his delivery whenever he can which keeps you on your toes. After the slower intro track, the band launch into the punishing “Superhero” with a tonne of momentum which doesn’t let-up until the album ends. Sol Invictus might be the most straightforward album FNM have released; with the exception of “Motherfucker” there isn’t really any song which stands out from the rest. This does make the album feel slightly unmemorable but having an album full of fast, fun rock songs isn’t a bad thing and makes it a consistent listen. The album feels a bit restrained by its production at times which leaves me thinking what could have been had the sound been allowed to be a bit more bombastic. This is a great comeback album for FNM and can stand up to their previous works. While it’s not mind-blowing, it is worth listening to if you’ve liked any of their past stuff or were looking for a fun, wacky rock album.
Rating: 3.6/5


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