Album Review: Fightstar – Grand Unification

Grand Unification by Fightstar

#aotd is 2006’s Grand Unification by Fightstar. On this album Fightstar play a pretty familiar kind of Alternative Rock characterised by catchy emotive lyrics and plenty of Post-Hardcore elements, kind of like a mix between Coheed and Cambria and Senses Fail. The album doesn’t stray too far from the sounds and templates established by bands before them but Fightstar really do everything they can with it. The songwriting here is very memorable and the performances are noticeably tight with the band transitioning from some fairly mellow verses to booming choruses without a hitch. The vocal performance on this album is enjoyable over most of the tracks and avoids the typical higher-pitched melodramatic deliveries all too common for the genre. At times though I wished they were more coherent as they can become a bit drawly at times. This album is an excellent and catchy Post-Hardcore album with a variety of songs that may not tread new ground but re-tread old ground with confidence and mastery.
Rating 3.8/5


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