Album Review: Finch – Say Hello to Sunshine

Say Hello to Sunshine by Finch

#aotd is 2005’s Say Hello to Sunshine by Finch. On this album Finch play a style of Post-Hardcore mixed heavily with elements of Alternative Rock. Though they have the Alternative Rock elements, Finch sacrifice none of that hardcore intensity with this album. The guitars are heavy and groove-orientated, the drumming is intense and quick and the vocal performance switches styles rapidly. The production of this album is commendable as every layer of instrumentation is audible and nothing unnecessarily dominates the mix. This made it much easier to appreciate the fantastic guitar and bass work which is progressive but has an element of kookiness which makes this a pretty fun album to listen to from start to finish. The vocalist really steals the show however. Shying away from the typical delivery of most vocalists in the genre, what we get from the performance here is something much more interesting and unique. Taking a lot of inspiration from the insane range of Mike Patton, the singer on this album pours all the theatricality he can muster into every line and when he’s not singing he is shrieking like a madman which brings the intensity up to a whole new level. The only issue with this album is the band sticks to a pretty consistent formula throughout and it would have been nice to have seen them change it up a bit more. That is only a minor complaint for what is otherwise a fantastic album which shouldn’t be missed by any fans of the genre, particularly if you find yourself becoming bored with it.
rating 4.2/5


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