Album Review: From First to Last – Dead Trees

Dead Trees by From First to Last

#aotd is Dead Trees by From First to Last. As far as bands that were in need of a revival in 2015, From First to Last was not one that ever came to mind. Yet here we are with Dead Trees, the band’s first album in five years with Spencer from Periphery as their new frontman, so what are we getting with this release? Hmmm not a whole lot. Instrumentally the album consists of a lot of chugging that sounds more reminiscent of Nu-Metal than anything in Post-Hardcore. It follows the heavy verse then “catchy” chorus formula very closely and gets bland after one song. The saving grace of this album is its functional use of the corny horror theme and Spencer’s performance. While the corny horror theme on this album is annoyingly ill-explained and is kinda just “there” it does add an air of fun to some tracks. Spencer does pull off a few good performances on this album like on “Dead Trees” or “Back to Hannelei” but then there is the cringe-inducing closing track which is just irritating in every aspect but especially because of Spencer’s voice. This album is a boring, phoned-in effort that tries so hard to be tongue in cheek and fun but fails completely thanks to uninspired songwriting and annoying lyrics. (Check the cover of “Note to Self” in the bonus tracks though, pretty rad throwback).
Rating: 2.0/5


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