Album Review: Hiatus Kaiyote – Choose Your Weapon

Choose Your Weapon by Hiatus Kaiyote

#aotd is Choose Your Weapon by Hiatus Kaiyote. The sound of this album is a huge amalgamation of genres such as Funk, R&B, Soul, Jazz and Electronic. Compositionally, a lot of the songs on here feel more like “pieces” than individual songs as this album completely disregards traditional songwriting structures. Instrumentally, there is a lot of variation here as the mix is shared by synths and electronic flourishes as well traditional instrumentation like drums, horns bass etc. The drums stand out a lot because the performance is so damn tight, the drummer manages to sound technically impressive without being overly-flashy. The overall sound of this album is amazingly colourful and pleasing to the ears thanks to the great production which brings the individual characteristics of this album and combines them into one cohesive, smooth sound. The vocals on here are also impressive, the lead singer demonstrates some pretty mind-blowing vocal acrobatics in some tracks and her voice is perfect for the strange sound the band have crafted for themselves. The biggest issue I have with this album is that the songwriting felt aimless at times and some songs don’t really go anywhere. The more straightforward songs such as “By Fire” and “Atari” were definitely my favourite cuts from this album, however this did not stop me from enjoying the pleasant sounds of the other tracks. If you are looking for music which is pleasant while also being technically impressive and fun don’t sleep on this album.
Rating: 3.9/5


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