Album Review: In Hearts Wake – Skydancer

Skydancer by In Hearts Wake

#aotd is Skydancer by In Hearts Wake. On this album the band play a pretty familiar style of metalcore/hardcore with a focus on jumpdafuckup guitar chugging and breakdowns. As far as I understand this album was intended to be a second part to last years Earthwalker. This makes the fact the band have not evolved their sound at all since that album make more sense and excusable, right? Negative, when the sound you are working with grows redundant over the period of one album why would you extend that sound with almost no tweaking for two albums? That’s not saying this album is particularly bad, IHW are still good at what they do and it’s impossible to not bang your head during some of these tunes but it’s all grown a bit stale at this point. The problem is likely exacerbated by the band sticking with the “mother nature” theme of the last album. I’m hoping the band’s next venture will show at least a bit of a departure from their current sound both musically and thematically. If you are head over heels for these guys then you will probably enjoy this album but if they haven’t been your thing in the past this release will not bring anything new to the table.
Rating: 2.8/5


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