Album Review: Mew – +/-

PlusMinus by Mew

#aotd is + – by Mew. Mew have established themselves as Pop-Rock heavyweights with some impressive albums under their belt. This album sees the band taking an even more pop-orientated approach with plenty of melodies which seem a perfect fit for summer days. They don’t skimp on their more progressive side either, with many of the longer tracks here going through gradual tempo changes and a general abundance of wacky guitar work. The instrumental variety on this album is staggering; the mix is packed with both subtle and not so subtle instrumental flourishes. At times, it can feel a little bit convoluted but most of the time it works and its sounds beautiful. The vocal performances on this album are great as well, the soft high-pitched deliveries blend well with the colourful backdrop. Lyrically, the album is nonsensical in the most delightful way but there is a hint of depression and loneliness hiding beneath all the summer rays. If you are in the mood for sitting back and feeling the damn bliss then don’t miss this fantastic album.
Rating 4.4/5


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