Album Review: Native Construct – Quiet World

Quiet World by Native Construct

#aotd is Quiet World by Native Construct. The music played on this album is Progressive Metal with tonnes of theatrical eccentricities thrown into the mix. I’m not sure what went into the making of this album, but it is so jam-packed with a huge variation of instruments and musical styles it sounds like it has been years in the making. Starting with the epic opening track “Mute” you are led on a grand and expansive musical journey. Needless to say the instrumentation on this album is great, from the technical guitars, the blistering drums and the colourful synthesizers, strings and god knows what else I’m hearing on here. The vocals here are appropriately eccentric, at times the performance felt a bit too hammy but that is definitely the point so I shouldn’t complain especially since there are plenty of growls to help alleviate the hamminess. Though I do like the instruments on this album, I have an issue with the production. There just isn’t enough of a kick behind the guitars and especially behind the drums. This was probably done to allow the awesome orchestral set-pieces to dominate more of the mix but damn I just wish the drums had more of a raw feeling to them. If you are a fan of Prog-Metal or are looking for an album filled with wonder and adventure then check this out for sure.
rating: 3.8/5


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