Album Review: Shawn Mendes – Handwritten

Handwritten by Shawn Mendes

#aotd is Handwritten by Shawn Mendes. Handwritten is a pop album which has a strong focus on acoustic instrumentation and the vocal performance of Shawn. The results are kind of an odd “Sheeran meets Bieber” scenario which isn’t half as appealing as it sounds. The use of acoustic instruments is welcome at first but after a while the overproduction makes the charm wear off and it grows dull and repetitive. The repetition is amplified by the amount of slow cuts there are on this album. Shawn’s songwriting is similar to what would be found on a Sheeran album except it isn’t executed with half the heart or finesse’. Shawn’s vocal performance is impressive but becomes very one-dimensional over the course of the album. The album is rife with lazy recycled songwriting and overproduction. There are one or two catchy tunes on this album but it definitely isn’t worth putting yourself through 80% of uninspired filler tracks.
Rating: 1.8/5


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