Album Review: The Story So Far – Self-Titled

Self-Titled by The Story So Far

#aotd is The Story so Far’s Self-Titled album. The sound of this album will be very familiar for anyone who has encountered the band’s music before, super-catchy pop-punk with an aggressive edge. I’ll go right ahead and address the biggest complaint I’ve seen levelled at the album, yes this sounds very similar to their previous albums but honestly I don’t see why that is such a negative? A week or two ago I talked about the sound of stagnation which plagued the new In Hearts Wake album, the difference here is TSSF have not stagnated at all since their last album. Their core sound hasn’t changed at all but the self-titled definitely sees the band taking things a bit easier as far as general tempo goes. There really aren’t any songs which are as fast out the gate as “Quicksand” or “Stifled” with the band using a pretty chilled mid-tempo over much of the album which is more suited for head-bopping than circle-pitting. Vocally, Parker Cannon is sounding slightly less passionate but on the flip side much more composed and mature. With the less punchy guitars on this album Parker is given more control over the songs which surprisingly doesn’t lead to great hooks but does see a maturity in songwriting. The songs on here have improved compositionally as they seem to flow better and feel less rigid. One song which easily stands out amongst its peers on here is “Phantom” which sounds very mellow and dreamy. It is easily a highlight and I hope it isn’t the last time we see the band take this direction. Honestly as far as the debate goes for this album I must admit I am pretty positive about it, whether people are hearing it or not TSSF have taken some serious steps forward to write what might not be their most memorable album but one that shows them progressing towards a more mature sound.
Rating: 4.0/5


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