Album Review: Turnover – Peripheral Vision

Peripheral Vision by Turnover

#aotd is Peripheral Vision by Turnover. This album is predominately a Dream Pop album with some Emo tendencies. I often find myself reluctant to tackle bands who play this style as I find a lot of what is being churned out in the genre these days fairly uninspired and pretty boring. On Peripheral Vision however, I was surprised to find myself totally into what the band are doing with this album. While it still has that hazy chill vibe, the songwriting here is solid and memorable instead of using that hazy feel to cover for sloppy songwriting like so many bands do. The album is depressing lyrically and instrumentally but it still manages to be so inviting and catchy at the same time. The vocals on here aren’t technically amazing but they still nail the hooks and manage to sound sombre but not bored. The production is also fantastic, the use of reverb adds to the dreamy vibes of the songs here and every chorus sounds appropriately twinkly. Unfortunately, every song on here follows a pretty strict verse-chorus-verse structure which at times makes the album feel like a collection of pop songs rather than a cohesive album. Despite this though, this album is perfect for chilling out after a hard day, it doesn’t demand your attention but you’ll be struggling to not get caught in its fuzzed-out clutches thanks to the great hooks and songwriting.
Rating: 4.1/5


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