Album Review: VOLA – Inmazes

Inmazes by Vola

#aotd is Inmazes by Vola. On this album the band play a modern style of Progressive Metal with a few unique twists that help it to stand out. The general sound of the album will be familiar to anyone who has listened to any of the most popular rising prog metal bands of the last few years with that distinct “djent” sound. The band uses the aggressive sound of “djent” more than the more spacey, heady styles employed by other bands. What makes this album stand out though is that alongside the aggressive riffs are tonnes of melodic passages with sung vocals and synthesizers. These passages elevate the band above their peers by taking what would be pretty standard songs for the genre and adding instrumental diversity to keep them from sounding stale. While the guitar-work and drumming are solid and technical they wouldn’t sound too inspired without the aid of the synths. That may not be the fault of the performances though as I found my biggest gripe with this album was the production which failed to give justice to any aspect of the album at all. The guitars, vocals, drums and synths could have sounded so much better had they have gone a bit louder or a bit more over the top. It isn’t bad production as all the instruments and vocals are audible and don’t interfere with each other but it is way too restrained and safe for an album with such a wacky premise. This album was a fun listen and if you are a fan of the genre you are sure to like it, it just could have been so much more.
Rating: 3.3/5


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