Album Review: Wander – Self-Titled

Self-Titled by Wander

#aotd is last year’s Self-Titled album by Wander. On this album Wander play a style of Pop-Punk which is familiar but still unique. This is definitely not a by the numbers Pop-Punk release, the band have that penchant for memorable and catchy melodies but have some real songwriting chops to give those melodies some weight and pay off. The instrumentation here is punchy and bouncy as you’d expect but also contains some real variation and stays fresh over the duration of the album. The band throw in some gentler, more atmospheric elements during the album which sound excellent and make the songs that much more memorable. The vocal performance on here is fantastic as well; the singer shows some great technical ability and never falls into that annoyingly over-nasally enthused shouting technique which plagues the genre. Lyrically, he touches on failed relationships, unfulfilled love and also battling with your own state of mind. While it’s not anything particularly new for the genre, the variation in songwriting on this album sees the band tackling these issues with a more refreshing approach. The production here gets the job done fine, though I do wish the drums sounded a bit more raw but this is only a small nitpick. It’s really invigorating hearing a Pop-Punk album which isn’t afraid to experiment and let itself breathe. If you have even a passing interest in the genre you really should not miss this album.
Rating: 4.3/5


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