EP Review: Reece Mastin – Rebel and The Reason

Rebel and the Reason EP by Reece Mastin

#aotd is the Rebel and the Reason EP by Reece Mastin. This EP is pretty much two separate entities, it kicks off with the title track and lead single which is a straight up pop song but the tracks which follow it are a mix of classic rock touches with that pop sensibility. The title track is excellent, with verses backed by a basic drum beat and small instrumental flourishes which segue well into the explosive chorus. Reece sounds like what he should have sounded like from the start, confident, emotive and passionate. He finally has a real presence in the song and his presence in this song puts many of his pop contemporaries to shame. This EP benefits greatly from the use of real sounding rock instrumentation, Reece is actually sounding like that pop/rockstar hybrid he was hyped to be from the beginning. This EP does suffer from sounding bloody corny at times but hey, here I am reviewing Reece Mastin, it could have been a lot worse considering. With the exception of the title track all the songs on here are pretty damn clichéd but it doesn’t stop some of them from being stupid fun. I don’t what inspired this sudden reinvigorated sound from Reece, maybe the dudes over at X-Factor aren’t being castrating pricks anymore? Whatever happened, this is a decent effort from an artist I had well and truly written-off.
Rating: 3.1/5


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