EP Review: The Japanese House – Pools to Bathe In

Pools to Bathe In by The Japanese House

#aotd is the EP Pools to Bathe In by The Japanese House. The sound on this Ep is a mix of Indie-Pop and a bit of Electronic stuff. The sound is very reminiscent of the slower, moodier tracks from The 1975, which is unsurprising as those guys did a bit of production on the EP. This EP is all about setting a mood, that mood usually being melancholy but still hopeful. It is a grey sky with a few slithers of sunlight peeking through. The production on here is excellent; everything feels like one integrated machine with the small guitar parts complementing the bassy thuds and floaty synths perfectly. The vocals on here are nothing amazing but fit the dreary mood of the album exactly. The lyrics feel defeated and longing but along with this defeat is acceptance and while there is no empowerment in this defeat the door is still open for that to happen. While the songs on here are very samey, the short run-time means this never grows into a repetitive listen. If you are looking for some pleasant listening to help you through a shitty time or a rainy day then go listen to this excellent debut EP.
Rating: 3.9/5


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