Album Review: A$AP Rocky – AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP


#aotd is AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP by A$AP Rocky. For the uninitiated, A$AP Rocky is a hip-hop artist and ALLA is a hip-hop album that features some pretty unique, dark production. The dark themes in A$AP’s music aren’t new but this album steps it up a notch with tracks like “L$D” and “Fine Whine” not being afraid to adopt a slower pace and focus more on the mood in the beat rather than just being bassy and danceable. The production over this entire album is amazing, it is detailed, equal parts crisp and hazy and really bangs when it needs to. Rocky’s charisma is infectious on here and his braggadocios attitude is offset by his introspective sense of regret and self-awareness. Throughout the album, Rocky seems to constantly do “bad” outlandish things but has the self-awareness to take a step back and really reflect on the ridiculousness of his actions. Rocky is overall way more mature than he was on the last album and while there are bangers on here (“Electric Body”) it never gets as cheesy and silly as “Wild For The Night”. The guest verses on here are great for the most part as well. Schoolboy Q and Lil Wayne absolutely kill it on their respective songs, even Future was pretty tolerable, James Fauntleroy sounded like a slightly less passionate Frank Ocean though. Having so many guests on the album works to its advantage as it adds variety to what is a pretty long album. Despite its length, not a single song feels repetitive or unnecessary. On ALLA rocky has produced something far less commercial and far more interesting with more replay value. This is everything I’ve ever wanted from Rocky and more ever since hearing the intro track of LONG.LIVE.A$AP. Rocky just works so well with that dark, dreary atmosphere and somehow can make the most unsavoury song topics into something genuinely entertaining and fun.
Rating: 4.5/5


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