Album Review: Algiers – Self-Titled

Self-Titled by Algiers

#aotd is the self-titled album from Algiers. Musically, this album is a totally unique blend of Soul and Motown with Punk and Industrial. It is such a polarizing blend of genres, very much like hot and cold but somehow the band manages to pull it off so it sounds completely seamless. Surprisingly, they do this without compromising any soul in the vocal performance. The frontman of this band sings like he has been pulled straight from the golden age of Motown and his performance is the most energetic part of the album, often being the focal point of the experience. Instrumentally, the album is driven by cold drum beats which is the structure the songs are built on by guitars, synthetic beats and gospel flairs. My biggest issue with the album is that it can be quite lumbering at some points and would have benefitted from more up-tempo moments and bombastic production. The track “Irony. Utility. Pretext.” features some of the most up-tempo production on the album and paired with the impassioned delivery of the frontman makes for an intense and memorable experience. The use of gospel elements on the album keep things from ever growing dull, the album is filled with choir backing vocals and clapping which feels kinda creepy combined with the looming industrial tinges like on the track “In Parallax”. The niggling issues on this album seem pretty minor when you simply focus on the fantastic performance of the lead singer which is so charismatic, it holds together every song on here. If you are looking for a truly different listening experience and have an appreciation for gospel music then check this out.
Rating: 3.5/5


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