Album Review: Attalus – Into The Sea

Into The Sea by Attalus

#aotd is Into The Sea by Attalus. Musically, this album mixes Post-Hardcore and Alt. Rock in a way not dissimilar to Thrice but differentiates itself with shades of Piano-Rock. The album follows a story which seems to be about some kind of voyage as there are many lyrics which reference the ocean and the adversities which come with it. Instrumentally, the album does a great job at matching the scale of its’ subject matter, using Post-Rock inspired builds and climaxes the album has a real natural flow to it comparable to that of the ocean’s tides. Vocally, the album is in safe hands as the lead singer fits naturally with the sound it shoots for. While he isn’t technically flawless he shows plenty of versatility throughout the album, going from the powerful singing on the song “The Ship is Going Down”, to the impassioned screams and Mewithoutyou-esque spoken-word vocals on the song “Voices From the Shore”. The album also nails quite a few sweet harmonies which sound brilliant alongside the expansive instrumentals. The guitar-work on here is commendable also, moving effortlessly from chaotic post-hardcore sections to the slower, moodier builds of the songs. Songs like the title track also have some amazing piano work which really elevates the emotional resonance and memorability of the song wherever it’s featured. The real bummer of this album is its flat as shit production which feels like a real wasted opportunity. Nothing seems to explode or overwhelm the way it should; the production mutes the album far too much and prevents it from jumping out at you like music which carries this amount of passion should. Into The Sea goes for over an hour with 16 tracks but I was not bored once, the great variety of sounds on offer here and the cohesion of these sounds together is too endearing to zone out to. Though it has some weak production, this album is still a must listen especially for people who enjoy music that flows.
Rating: 3.8/5


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