Album Review: Between The Buried and Me – Coma Ecliptic

Coma Ecliptic by Between The Buried and Me

#aotd is Coma Ecliptic by Between The Buried and Me. Musically, this album is a pretty outlandish progressive metal album which simultaneously sounds fresh while harkening back to older bands of the genre. Instrumentally, this album is simply phenomenal, the band pull together some fantastic compositions and each member displays true mastery of their chosen instrument. BTBAM have always displayed inhuman amounts of technicality through their music and this album is no different, every song on here is so intricately put together and every second of the experience feels like it has been produced to perfection. Not over-produced though, surprisingly, despite how amazingly crisp everything sounds here the album still has bite. It is truly thrilling when the first screams on the whole album kick in on “The Coma Machine” backed by pounding drums, which alongside the keyboards, are also produced to perfection. This album does need your attention though, it isn’t meant for background noise as these songs have no discernible hooks or choruses, it is very easy to zone out to and miss a lot of the magic. I would argue that the song lengths could have been shortened slightly, like on “King Redeem – Queen Serene” it takes a bit too long to get to the meat of the song. This meat being the guitars, keyboards, drums, bass and vocals altogether in unison, something this album does very well. The weakest spots of the album are the moments which are driven by only keyboard and vocals. This is because while the vocalists singing is decent and his screams fantastic, his vocals can get a bit grating by the end of the album because of how over the top they are. On Coma Ecliptic BTBAM put on a clinic of technicality and compositional songwriting, though it takes a while to digest fully, you won’t regret getting stuck into it (also the best sounding drum kit all year).
Rating: 4.1/5


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