Album Review: Citizen – Everybody is Going to Heaven

Everybody is Going to Heaven by Citizen

#aotd is Everybody is Going to Heaven by Citizen. Musically, this album blends alternative rock and punk with a heavy serving of dreariness. This album is very dark, the production on here wouldn’t be out of place on a hardcore album and at times this reminds me of last years “I Am King” by Code Orange. Of course, Citizen have a much more mellowed out approach than a hardcore band but some song like “Stain” do manage to bring that intensity with sharp sounding bass, menacing guitar and screamed vocals. It’s impressive that the band is able to pull together such an evil sounding song and still have a fairly decent hook to it. Unfortunately, this is an isolated incident of good songwriting which doesn’t translate into the rest of the album. Too many songs on here seem to meander about with no real purpose or drive. “Weave Me (Into Yr Sin)” is the biggest offender of this as all it comprises of is droning guitars and mumbling eerie vocals which feel like a 4:30 build-up with zero climax. The mumbling vocals have several appearances on the album and they are almost never appealing to me. It is especially annoying when the vocalist shows glimmers of potential greatness at the very beginning of the album on “Cement” where he has a creepy but confident vocal presence. In many ways, Citizen show their Daisy-era Brand New influence but they don’t show off the songwriting prowess or instrumental mastery needed to master that sound. Still, there are some highlights to be found here and I do prefer this direction to what I heard from their previous album, Citizen just need to write more memorable tracks and cut some of the crap.
Rating: 3.2/5


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