Album Review: Haste The Day – Coward

Coward by Haste the Day

#aotd is Coward by Haste the Day. Coward is a pretty straightforward Metalcore album with some Post-Hardcore inspired clean choruses and melodic passages. First and foremost, Haste the Day must be praised for the creation of this passion project as it is some genuine fan service. Though I’ve never been a fan of the band, I still appreciate the work which has been put into this album and can only imagine how amazing it would be as a diehard fan. What I am referring to is every current and former member performing on this album, which I believe raises the member count to nine. This is no more obvious than in the use of two very different vocalists, one who utilizes blood-curdling high shrieks and the other using a more streamlined deeper shout. While none of the vocalists, both clean and screaming, are particularly amazing technically, their passion shines through enough to make their performances impressive. Instrumentally, the album does have a fairly by the book Metalcore sound. This makes the first few tracks of the album feel a bit underwhelming but as the album progresses Haste the Day bend the Metalcore sound to allow for more atmosphere and melody. This combination of atmosphere and melody elevates this album above the drier efforts in the genre. Best encapsulated on the song “Shadow” which features both frontmen and a female guest vocalist, the gloomy atmosphere makes the heavy onslaught a more colourful, thought-provoking affair. This gloomy atmosphere is both the album’s biggest strength and weakness, on one hand it adds a consistent mood to the album and makes it more memorable but on the other it really makes the instrumental flourishes feel clouded and harder to notice. Coward is an album which will take a non-Haste the Day fan some time to appreciate as the whole album is seemingly hidden in a layer of smog because of some poor production, however, once you cut through the smog you will find a great Metalcore album jam-packed with passion.
Rating: 3.6/5


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