Album Review: Hermitude – Dark Night Sweet Light

Dark Night Sweet Light by Hermitude

#aotd is Dark Night Sweet Light by Hermitude. Dark Night is an electronic album which leans heavily on modern dance music tropes. Instrumentally, it is comprised of floaty, fluid synths mixed with booming bass and warped and chopped vocal samples. As you’d probably expect, the album is packed with bangers but (with the possible exception of the single “Through the Roof”) it never crosses the line from being fun to obnoxious. There is a surprising amount of beauty to be found on this album, from the beautifully sung refrains on “Searchlight” to the minimal bridge of the opener “Hijinx”. The production on this album has been magnificently done; this may be the best album for good speakers all year thanks to the lush beats which are also super detailed. While the album does have its core sound which remains consistent, every sound in the mix feels like it has been altered ever so slightly to sound just right in its spot. The drops on this album are appropriately bassy but are also kind of stripped back tempo-wise. The drops on songs like “The Buzz” seem to focus more on being genuinely danceable and textured than just being excessive. The biggest drawback of this album is, as I mentioned before, it plays with a pretty consistent palette of sounds and while these sounds are awesome it would have been nice to hear the album change up a few more times. Dark Night doesn’t quite transcend the modern EDM genre but it is some of the best music you will hear from it all year.
Rating: 3.7/5


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