Album Review: Holly Herndon – Platform

Platform by Holly Herndon

#aotd is Platform by Holley Herndon. Platform is comprised of glitchy, abrasive electronic instrumentals paired with the occasional pop melody. Noise is definitely the star of the show here, with many songs like “Chorus” featuring these really fluid but at times deafening beats. The instrumentals on here are truly unique as they constantly feel in flux and truly unpredictable. Holly does a good job of not letting her synthetic sound spoil any kind of organic reaction to her music. Some of the tracks on here like “Locker Leak” are truly eerie and have an air of uncomfortable paranoia (Lonely at The Top is one of the most uncomfortable listening experiences you can put yourself through). This creepiness is offset by the vocal performance of Holly who brings a sense of melody into the cacophonous soundscapes of the album. This is an album you have to be in the mood for, as the ear-piercing electronics on here are too much for just casual listening. Also it would have been nice to have seen the sound on here expanded and explored further than it is. Not that the album is repetitive, I just feel it would have benefited from a bit more variety. If you are in the mood for an uncomfortable listening experience in the best way possible then look no further, however, if you want to remain in your comfort zone then maybe just save this one for later.
Rating: 3.5/5


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