Album Review: Hop Along – Painted Shut

Painted Shut by Hop Along

#aotd is Painted Shut by Hop Along. Musically, Hop Along fall somewhere in the realm of Folk and Indie-Rock however they really have their own unique sound. This sound is spearheaded by the insanely varied and powerful vocals of their frontwoman. Her voice sounds amazing in all of her ranges, low to high, and has an amazing snarl to it which sounds very passionate. There is also some unique lyricism at play here, the song “Powerful Man” which is a clear highlight, tells the story of an 18 year old girl witnessing a father physically abusing his child. Then there’s the song “Waitress” which describes a waitresses dread when she sees an ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend walk into her café. The topics covered on this album are all so diverse but yet they all seem to come together as a collection of stories which are meant to be together. The instrumentation on here doesn’t break any new ground for the genre but it does feature some of the most rousing guitar performances you will hear all year. The way the verses build into the explosive choruses on some of the songs like “The Knock” is excellent. Thankfully though, not every song features this typical songwriting formula, songs like “Horseshoe Crabs” don’t have a discernible chorus but rather the repetition of particular themes which act like a base for the song. The acoustic song on here “Happy to See Me” packs less of a punch than the rest of the tracks and does hurt the pacing of the album but taken by itself it is still a great song. If you are looking for an unpredictable rock album with an amazing vocal performance and excellent songwriting all round, don’t miss this.
Rating: 4.3/5


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