Album Review: I The Mighty – Connector


#aotd is Connector by I The Mighty. Musically, Connector blends Post-Hardcore and Alt. Rock elements in a way comparable to Australia’s own Hands Like Houses. Relating the word “Hardcore” to this album feels ill-fitting as it is far more poppy, even by today’s standards of Post-Hardcore. Electronic beats are sprinkled all over some songs like “Slow Dancing Forever” and the track which follows it “Friends”. These beats combined with the fairly hook driven songwriting make this album dip into pop-rock at points. This is at its best on the track “(No) Faith in Fate” which has some groovy guitar work, a killer hook and excellent vocal performances from the frontman and the female guest vocalist. The vocalist of I The Mighty is talented and shows great technical ability throughout the album but I just feel like he lacks believability. I’m not sure if it his actual singing ability or the super crisp production on the album but the vocals often lack punch and become repetitive. This may also be due to the lyrical content of the album. The lyrics on here were my biggest gripe with the album as I found them to really uninteresting for the most part. The band goes political and covers no new ground on “The Hound and The Fox”, they go introspective and come up emotionally short on “Slow Dancing Forever” and on “Adrift” they have a line where they lament the use of technology in social situations, like chill out nanna. Instrumentally, the album plays it fairly safe but the super crisp production adds a welcome smooth sound to the guitars, bass and drums. I liked almost every song off this album but I didn’t love any of them, at times I The Mighty feel a bit cheesy but if you like a lot of pop songwriting with your post-hardcore than this album is definitely for you.
Rating: 3.3/5


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