Album Review: Iwrestledabearonce – Hail Mary

Hail Mary by Iwrestledabearonce

#aotd is Hail Mary by Iwrestledabearonce. This album features elements of Metalcore and Deathcore combined together with a heavy serving of chaos. Track after track this album is punishingly heavy and does not relent until around the halfway mark. The heaviness off this album stems from the constant breakdowns and blast beats. I would point to specific examples of breakdowns and blast beats but that is needless as they are 80% of what most of the songs on here are comprised of. I won’t take anything away from the musicianship on display here though; the guys in IWABO do know their way around each of their instruments and when it isn’t an Emmure-esque chugalug fest they do manage to pull off some wacky guitar tones amidst the chaos. There is even a pretty sweet melodic guitar solo on “Doomed to Fall Pt. 1” which is only slightly spoiled by some odd inconsistent guitar sounds. The vocals on this album are probably the worst thing about it, IWABO have never had great vocals, let’s not bullshit they have always been pretty ridiculous. They are straight up irredeemable on here though as the band is obviously shooting for a more “serious” sound. The horribly distorted and nearly incomprehensible screams of the frontwoman on here no longer have the band’s wacky theme to fall back on and become grating after the first track. The few instances she employs her shitty clean singing are only good as they grant a brief reprieve from the obnoxious screams and growls. The problem is so bad that the song “Erase It All” may be the best track on the album as it features vocals from Suicide Silence’s Eddie Hermida and you know your screams are fucking grating when Suicide Silence era Hermida sounds like a breath of fresh air. There was once a time I could turn off my brain and get down to stuff like this but seriously, if you are looking for ANYTHING other than just heaviness in an album, skip this.
Rating: 2.2/5


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