Album Review: Jacobi Wichita – Bonez Malone

Bonez Malone by Jacobi Wichita

#aotd is 2008’s Bonez Malone by Jacobi Wichita. Bonez Malone combines the frantic aggression of post-hardcore music with aspects of hip-hop and R&B. These varied elements come through mainly in the voice of the eccentric frontman whose deliveries feel much sharper and brash than others in the genre. While the cockiness that comes through his delivery is unique the sound of his voice is very reminiscent of Daryl Palumbo of Glassjaw. In fact, the Glassjaw influence permeates everything the band does, not that this is a bad thing it is just very obvious throughout the whole album. The album’s production is very rough and muddy but this does make some of the awesome vocal moments even more exciting as it cuts through the distortion. Instrumentally, there are some funky elements at play alongside the typical post-hardcore punchy guitar-work. Things such as the cool bongos on opener track “Hey, Hey, Hey…Take it Easy” and the turntable scratching littered throughout all the tracks gives the band a more distinct sound. Not every experiment is successful though, the rapping in this album is pretty atrocious, and to exacerbate this problem there is a straight-up rap song on this album. “Mental Crown” is easily the worst track on the album with its dull production, shitty and downright offensive lyricism and complete lack of any flow whatsoever. The album does have more bright points than bad ones though, like the crazy “Violets Aren’t Blue, They’re Violet” which features some intense screaming and a damn catchy hook. If you are craving some letlive/Glassjaw-esque post-hardcore than give Bonez Malone a shot as it a fairly enjoyable affair underneath its rough exterior and hit and miss experimentation.
Rating: 3.4/5


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