Album Review: Jamie xx – In Colour

In Colour by Jamie xx

#aotd is In Colour by Jamie xx. This album is comprised of beat and sample driven electronic with some aspects of pop songwriting. I usually have some reservations about some of the more slow-tempo, repetitive electronic albums but on In Colour those reservations are extinguished thanks to a good dose of variety and some astoundingly detailed beats. That’s not to say I didn’t zone out on some points during this album but the lush, slow-burning tracks on here are made for daydreaming and they can really take your mind to another spectrum. If every song made me zone out then that may have been an issue but thanks to some terrific guests lending their vocals to a few of the tracks here the album never feels like it’s dragging on or becoming monotonous. My favourite of these guest spots has to be the two tracks Jamie did with his “The xx” bandmate Romy called “SeeSaw” and “Loud Places”. On “SeeSaw” Romy’s voice hangs behind what might be the bassiest beat on the album; lyrically the song touches on a struggling relationship and infidelity and these themes combined with the presentation makes for a touching but beautiful track. “Loud Places” is a straight up break up song which features one of the many excellent samples on the album as the chorus which takes the place of Romy’s voice every time it appears. It is an excellent metaphor for the feeling of disappearing after ending a relationship and a perfect example of the attention to detail featured all over this album. While I naturally gravitated towards the more pop-orientated tracks on here like “Loud Places” and the Young Thug featuring “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)”, this album is beautiful and meticulous from start to finish and a must listen for anyone who needs some relaxing tunes.
Rating: 4.0/5


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