Album Review: Make Them Suffer – Old Souls

Old Souls by Make Them Suffer

#aotd is Old Souls by Make Them Suffer. Musically, these guys are usually pinned as “Symphonic Deathcore” but I’ve got a few objections to that. Firstly, this album leans much closer to Metalcore at some stages, particularly on the previously released single “Let Me In” and the title track. Secondly, many bands which fall under the Symphonic Deathcore moniker tend to just be Deathcore bands with some tacked on “symphonic” instrumentation, which isn’t MTS at all. The orchestral instrumentation on Old Souls is treated with just as much care as the guitars, bass and drums. From the wicked piano-complemented breakdown in “Scraping The Barrel” to the sweet orchestral interlude “Through the Looking Glass” the added instrumentation is just one of the things which elevates MTS head and shoulder above their contemporaries. The band also has an absolute monster of a frontman who really shows off his versatility throughout the album, focussing much more on his mid-range than he did in “Neverbloom”. Oh yeah, and remember that part in “Neverbloom” where they implemented the female vocals and it sounded awesome, yeah they actually do that heaps more on this album and it is just as awesome. The drumming on this album sounds damn monstrous as well and while the guitars are mainly chugging most of the time it is all executed with an extra touch of emotion which makes it sound impressive. What doesn’t sound impressive however, is the fairly choppy production which is mostly functional but can get a bit overwhelmed when all the instrumentation is going at once making for an occasionally muddy sound; this is only a minor issue though. If you dig any kind of heavy “core” music check this album out as it is 100 times more emotionally resonant and carefully constructed than what usually comes out of this genre.
Rating: 4.0/5


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