Album Review: Maribou State – Portraits

Portraits by Maribou State

#aotd is Portraits by Maribou State. This album is an Alternative Electronic album which features mainly organic instrumentation. The electronic elements are mainly present in the compositions of the songs which are made up of repetitive drum beats and layers of woozy synths. While that may make it sound as if the mix is sparse, I can assure you that thanks to the excellent production on here every song sounds thick with instrumental detail and mood. The song “Raincoats” for example opens with these ominous drum hits and bass booms which are built upon with vocal samples, synths and even some strings later in the song. This instrumentation is all handled with expert precision in the mix; the songs are bassy and groovy enough to be danceable but are still subdued and atmospheric enough to give the album mood and feeling. The vocals on here are your kind of run of the mill breathy, dry Indie variety, they’re not bad and sound particularly great on tracks like “The Clown” and “Ritual” but they never go above what is expected in the genre. The guest spots on here help break up any repetition which may have been present had the frontman sung on every song. Honestly, I preferred the odd pitch shifted vocal samples over any of the real vocals, mainly because these played to the album’s greatest asset, the mood. Track by track this album fluidly transports your mind into a “chill” place and with its great production and slow to mid-tempo repetitive grooves, it’s nearly impossible to resist it.
Rating: 4.0/5


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