Album Review: Muse – Drones

Drones by Muse

#aotd is Drones by Muse. If you have ever listened to a Muse single in the past few years than you probably have a fair idea of what to expect musically from this album, expansive arena-rock tunes with some progressive leanings. It is a pretty hard formula to mess up right? I mean Drones is surely an album which is at the very least packed with fun, rocking tunes? No, unfortunately this album misses the mark in so many ways that it is honestly shocking to me it has been put out by such a reputable band. That being said, the opener “Dead Inside” is deceivingly decent with a great driving drum beat, a gratifying climax and is pretty catchy and surprisingly danceable. The issues start with the next track “Psycho”, which has all the ingredients to be a killer song but is absolutely gutted by the mainstay flaws of this album. Those flaws being, the most unsubtle attempts at political commentary I have heard all year, the complete lack of any attempt at wordplay and Matt Belamy’s incessantly unflattering voice. “Your assssss belongs to meeee nowohuhoh” Matt sings on the hook of Psycho after the drill sergeant sample is played for the hundredth time. I understand the band are taking an anti-military stance on this album but the way that this stance is presented feels so tacky and lazy it gets irritating after one song let alone a damned album. If you ignore the lyrics though, you may be able to gather some enjoyment from the excellent guitar work on some of these tracks. “Reapers” is easily the highlight of the album, the punchy guitars on the chorus and the way Matt’s voice has been produced to sound far less irritating makes this song the lone example of what this album could have been. The unsubtle lyricism is there for sure but personally I think “Reapers” would have worked so well on an album that didn’t have the primary anti-military focus. Perhaps, had Muse chosen to change the subject matter throughout the album then it wouldn’t have been such a crippling issue. Go listen to “Reapers” and forget the rest of this album exists, the small amount of highlights here are not worth putting yourself through the offensively bad songwriting which infests a majority of the album.
Rating: 2.3/5


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