Album Review: Of Monsters and Men – Beneath The Skin

Beneath the Skin by Of Monsters and Men

#aotd is Beneath the Skin by Of Monsters and Men. Musically, this album is a mix of Indie-Pop and Folk, not too unfamiliar a combination for people already acquainted with the band. Where this album differs from the band’s debut mostly is in the overall mood and scope. OMAM have taken their sound from the woods, to the mountains, with excellent results. The band has embraced a more wholesome and atmospheric production style which veers away from the rawer sounding instruments of the debut. The instruments on here sound gargantuan and really immerse you into the feeling of the album. Even more impressive than the instrumentation on here is the always fantastic performance of the band’s vocalists. The vocal reigns have been handed to the female vocalist more than ever but the male vocals still make regular appearances for some beautiful harmonies and the occasional verse. The female vocalist’s voice is fantastic, especially on songs like “I of The Storm” and “Hunger” where she comes off as emotionally charged and a technical marvel with great control over her ranges. The accompanying male vocals prevent her performance from becoming stale while elevating every chorus and generally providing a wonderful contrast. One issue with this album is the song length. While the album runtime is a reasonable 48 minutes, most of the tracks here run for over four minutes. Most of the time the songs on here use their runtime wisely but the album as a whole could have done with some punchier songwriting like what was found on the debut. There is more of a focus on emotion and intimacy on this album and while the performances resonate, some of the lyrics are a bit vague and fail to click like the performances. The critical response to Beneath The Skin has been lukewarm at best but honestly fuck that, this album is a great step forward for a band that could have easily been a one album wonder and a must listen for any Indie fans.
Rating: 3.8/5


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