Album Review: Rolo Tomassi – Grievances

Grievances by Rolo Tomassi

#aotd is Grievances by Rolo Tomassi. Musically, this album features a smorgasbord of styles but mainly focuses on spazzed-out hardcore with some black-metal influences creeping in. With this album, Rolo Tomassi really show off just how flexible a band they are and how consistently tight they can be with each style they tackle. The female vocalist for example, belts out these shrill, passionate, throat-shredding screams but also has a hauntingly angelic voice which is mostly utilized on the great track “Opalescent”. She has a fantastic handle on the contrasts of her voice, where her screams are super infuriated and emotional; her clean singing is detached and cold giving her a fittingly ominous presence on the album. The instrumentation on here is suitably frantic as well; opener “Estranged” rouses the chaos right out the gate with some heavy riffing and breakneck drumming but as with most songs on this album the band have some breaks in the song to bring out a bit of ambience and mood. Therein lies the biggest problem with this album, while all of the performances are incredibly tight and the overall sound the band achieves is something to behold, the album doesn’t have a particularly memorable song. This is caused by some repetition in the songwriting and also some pretty lacklustre pacing. One of the slower songs on the album “Opalescent” has a piano interlude before it and an instrumental interlude after it which causes this dip in energy for the album to drag on. Songwriting nitpicks aside; this is a savage but occasionally pretty hardcore album by a band which sounds super tight on every level of their instrumentation.
Rating: 3.6/5


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