Album Review: Seth Sentry – Strange New Past

Strange New Past by Seth Sentry

#aotd is Strange New Past by Seth Sentry. Musically, this album is a pretty straight up hip hop album which features an aussie MC but I wouldn’t really call it “aussie hip hop”. The biggest strength of SNP is the entertaining storytelling abilities of Seth Sentry who comes through with a collection of surprisingly personal, tongue in cheek tracks. Seth doesn’t take himself too seriously on here; the track “Dumb” is a great example of this with him coming to grips with not being smarter than a fifth grader, the song is a funny look into his own insecurities and societies shallow outlook of what intelligence consists of. On the closer “Sorry” Seth reminisces on his adolescent years and takes the time to apologize to people he has wronged in the past such as a kid whose clothes he put in a urinal or an ex-girlfriend he accidentally pissed on while drunk. “Violin” stands out on the tracklist as it is a deadly serious song about Seth’s shaky relationship with his father, the song brings context to the struggles with drug abuse and depression Seth references later on the album. The tracks in which Seth focuses on a primary theme and telling a story are where he really excels; the backdrop to these stories is where the biggest problems of the album lay however. The beats and production on here is not unlike that which you’d find on many modern hip hop releases, plenty of trap flavoured high hats, bass and colourful synths abound. The issue with the production on here is it lacks texture and feels hollow, some tracks like “Hell Boy” have organic sounding drums which work much better but then there are tracks like “Pripyat Pt. 2” which rely way too heavily on a broodiness which the production completely lacks. Also an issue on tracks like “Pripyat Pt. 2” and “Fake Champagne” are the overly experimental hooks which just aren’t enjoyable because of their overproduction. This is particularly annoying because of the great hooks on “Dumb” and “Hate Love” which are simply sung without any of that digitally altered bullshit. On SNP Seth Sentry proves himself to be a fantastic entertainer and storyteller but fails to find a sound which complements his performance.
Rating: 3.2/5


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