Album Review: Shamir – Ratchet


#aotd is Ratchet by Shamir. This album features hip-hop inspired pop music with eccentric, organic sounding production. This is all brought together by the colourful presence of Shamir, whose unique personality quirks shine through on each song on here. At its best, this album provides great pop songs that benefit immensely from Shamir’s confident and (dare I say) sassy delivery and lyrics. This confidence paired with the incredibly danceable instrumentals makes songs like “On The Regular” and “Call it Off” addictive fun. Unfortunately, Shamir’s singing is very hit and miss, at some points his amateurish laidback voice works well in that it establishes a more casual vibe to the track, however, on the slower cuts he simply falls short of what is needed to make it work. These slower cuts like “Darker” and “KC” fail to be anything worthy of merit as they are held back by dull production and Shamir’s unflattering performance. Whenever the album is moving at a quick, danceable fun pace it is at the very least enjoyable but whenever the album slows down it becomes very derivative, very quickly. The pop jams on here contain appropriately obnoxious lyrics which work for the songs individually but it is hard to take the more meaningful approach Shamir uses on the other tracks seriously because of this. Don’t hesitate to check out the singles from this album as they are fire but unfortunately the album as a whole is let down by Shamir’s sub-par vocal performance and lack of emotional believability.
Rating: 2.8/5


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