Album Review: Soley – Ask The Deep

Ask the Deep by Soley

#aotd is Ask the Deep by Soley. Musically, this album can be called Indie-Pop but I have to stress it is way darker than most artists work in that genre. This album is not pretty; it is a brooding, menacing album with the occasional moment of gorgeous reprieve. The prettiest part of this album is easily Soley’s voice, in songs like the last track “Lost Ships” and “Aevntyr’” her strong vocals really shine as she pulls out everything in her arsenal to amplify her sound with beautiful harmonies and a truly haunting performance. The lyrics on here are fairly dreary but also immensely memorable; Soley often links themes of love and death together like on the song “One Eyed Lady” where she asks the listener “would you kill for love?” The instrumental arrangements on here have impressive moments like on the opener “Devil” where the piano intro which leads into some drums just sounds so epic. A lot of the time though, the instrumentals don’t stack up to Soley’s vocal performance because they are kept overly minimal such as the beginning of the track “Breath” and especially on “One Eyed Lady”. The production can also feel muddy at times, this is painfully obvious during the less busy periods of the album. All this is easily overshadowed by Soley’s performance and when the instrumentals do click it is easy to forgive the album for being a bit rough around the edges. If you are looking for some deceivingly creepy, slow-burning alternative pop music fronted by a damn captivating voice then go check this out.
rating: 3.9/5


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