Album Review: Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Multi-Love

Multi-Love by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

#aotd is Multi-Love by Unknown Mortal Orchestra. This album is very much an Indie-Rock album but also incorporates a heavy serving of psychedelic influences. The band employs a fairly lo-fi production style which is deceivingly polished and well mixed. More so than many Indie-Rock albums, this album places the vocals in the background and allows the dense instrumentation to hold the spotlight. This instrumentation includes lumbering guitars, groovy bass, smooth drums and some wacky synthesisers. The individual performances of the band seem inconsequential when examined but altogether they form this hazy sound which sounds like it is being projected from a jukebox in a shady bar (in the best possible way). The band uses really odd sounds which shouldn’t work but somehow do like on the opening of “Ur Life One Night” which uses a whirring sound like a strand of material being flicked. This willingness to experiment combined with the hazy production might have led to a disaster had the band forgotten to include memorable songwriting. Luckily though, songs like the title-track and “Can’t Keep Checking My Phone” provide earworm hooks and danceable synth and bass work. The album is a bit top heavy however, with the last few tracks feeling less memorable due to an overly consistent tempo which is easy to zone out to. If you’re looking for Indie-Rock with a sound that’s easy to get lost in then don’t miss Multi-Love.
Rating: 3.9/5


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