Album Review: Yelawolf – Love Story

Love Story by Yelawolf

#aotd is Love Story by Yelawolf. Musically, this album uses the traditional hip-hop format for the most part but also implements a lot of country influences. As a rapper, Yelawolf has a tonne of charisma and has proved himself as technically proficient over the years. He also has a good grip on the southern hip-hop style and his flows and inflection are very southern influenced. So yeah, as a rapper, Yelawolf is at least decent and the songs which focus on his rapping on this album are at least listenable mostly. The problem with this album is Yelawolf’s decision to blend pop and country into his repertoire. It just doesn’t work, like at all, all it does is make his songwriting weaknesses far more obvious as he leans on the dullest stereotypes of both genres. On the song “American You” Yela sings like a drunk guy attempting karaoke while being backed by guitars so clean they wouldn’t be out of place on an old Miley Cyrus song. His vocal performance all over this record is so obnoxiously drab and is done no favours by his boring lyricism which fails to ever be engaging or at least witty. The production is mostly completely uninteresting and never takes the forefront though I do enjoy some of the quicker beats on the opening track and title track. Even the Eminem featuring “Best Friend” is just shit and Eminem’s verse is barely comprehensible and way too aggressive for the strings which compose the track. Yeah nah this album is just really bad, like really bad, it has no cohesion, it reminds me of every reason why I avoid country and worst of all Yela has proven he is capable of making entertaining hip-hop songs and is a decent rapper. I like to see an artist try new things but “Love Story” is a cringe-inducing misstep and one of the worst albums I’ve heard all year.
(P.S. it is an hour and 15 minutes long ffs)
Rating: 1.3/5


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