Compilation Review: PC Music Compilation Vol. 1

PC Music compilation Vol. 1

#aotd is the PC Music compilation Vol. 1. The PC music collective is a group of electronic artists who, while being different from each other, share a similar production style and aesthetic. This production style is characterised by these really odd sugary artificial beats which sound futuristic and sweet simultaneously. They also often employ female vocals which have been altered in some way, whether it is chiptuned or just strangely autotuned. Firstly, the positives; There are a few catchy songs on here, “Beautiful” is impossible to not get down to with its repeated refrain and simple dance beat and “Laplander” is enjoyable in that cutesy Asian pop music kinda way. Unfortunately though, for every moment that had me bopping my head, there was another three that had me clutching my head waiting for the song to end. The charm of PC music’s gimmicky production style wears off very quickly because it just isn’t a very flexible sound and it feels like you’ve heard everything that can be done with it after three tracks. This is supposed to be a compilation, yet most of the songs on here sound like they’re by the same artist? This isn’t helped by the similar female vocals used on every song here which are practically tone deaf and in need of all the digital altering they can get. “Attachment” on here is an insufferably bad track that has every ounce of fun brought by the standard pop formula it follows sapped away by the terrible vocals and shitty production. Honestly, I think PC music is trying to be more of a meme than a musical project meant to be taken seriously, I mean, I hope they fuckin’ are.
Rating: 1.6/5


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