Album Review: August Burns Red – Found In Far Away Places

Found In Far Away Places by August Burns Red

#aotd is Found In Far Away Places by August Burns Red. This album sticks to the Metalcore sound ABR have established for themselves over the years. Just as the albums before however, the band builds on their core sound to elevate this album to greater heights than what we have already seen. This trend continues on their newest album and once again works in their favour as the band sound super refined and comfortable with expanding their creative boundaries. The excellent guitar work and drumming which has made them a prestigious name in the Metalcore scene is still going strong on this album with cuts like “Martyr” and “Twenty-One Grams” featuring blistering drums and shrill melodic guitars. On this album though, the band implement more folky instrumental passages and extra instrumentation which helps keep things fresh and really makes each track sound huge. At times the transitions to these passages can feel a bit awkward like on “Separating The Seas” but overall they are welcome additions to the band’s now expansive repertoire. The vocals have seen a sizable overhaul on this album as well, Jake Luhrs puts in another passionate vocal performance on here but it is the other vocal elements which do the most to help the band transcend their current sound. The most obvious of these is Jeremy McKinnon’s guest spot on “Ghosts” which is honestly far better than I thought it would be but there are also plenty of instances where additional vocals are used to bolster Jake’s voice and they do a lot from keeping his voice from getting repetitive as it has on previous releases. Lyrically, the band is as inspiring as ever with each track delivering a positive message and encouraging the listener to try harder to be a better person with a formula that really should be getting old but never does. August Burns Red has come through with an amazingly polished and beautiful Metalcore album which is up there with some of their best material and something that can’t be missed by anyone who has enjoyed their previous output.
Rating: 4.2/5


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