Album Review: Secrets of The Sky – Pathway

Pathway by Secrets of The Sky

#aotd is Pathway by Secrets of The Sky. This album features aspects of Progressive, Black and Doom Metal with a heavy helping of ambience. While these genres are generally for a niche audience and can be hard to get into as an outsider, I found this album to be fairly accessible without skimping on too much technicality, which is something it should be commended for. I say it doesn’t skimp on “too” much technicality because this album does lack a certain something. Maybe it is because it spreads itself out over so many genres it doesn’t manage to present any of these genres in a polished or spectacular way. The instrumentation isn’t as flashy or theatrical as a prog album, the riffs aren’t as crushing as a Doom album and the songs don’t get as bloody as a Black Metal album. The band doesn’t create anything that stands out in these genres, but to their credit they give it a fair crack. The track “Fosforos” is the heaviest track on the album and it is a punishing listen with sinister guitar work and vocals which go from whispers to gargled shrieks and growls. Then there is the gorgeous track “Three Swords” which is preceded by one of the many ambient interludes on the album which fades into the track so fluently, the combination of the ambience and the singer’s voice is perfectly atmospheric. The vocals on this album are awesome; the singer has a great singing voice but is also a proficient growler and convincingly comes off as tortured and evil. Where the frontman could have improved is in his lyric writing, I don’t know if it is because English is a second language for this band but some lines on here just don’t seem to have the desired impact. On the track “Another Light” the singer whispers “I don’t care anymore” in an outro which feels like it’d sound more fitting on an early 2000’s Nu-Metal album. Pathway is a decent metal album which has a few killer moments, but the band would have benefited greatly from having more killer and less filler.
Rating: 3.3/5


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