Album Review: Susanne Sundfør – Ten Love Songs

Ten Love Songs by Susanne Sundfør

#aotd is Ten Love Songs by Susanne Sundfør. Musically this album is Electro-pop with a touch of 80’s influence; it wouldn’t sound unfamiliar on the soundtrack to the movie “Drive”. The stars of this album are the synthesizers and Susanne’s own vocal performance, both of which are fantastic. Many albums which rely on synth-driven instrumentation can become irritating because the synths become repetitious and just like too much of anything sweet, a bit sickening. This album avoids this issue by incorporating some nice classical instrumentation with violins and other operatic instruments. On the ten minute epic at the centre of the album “Memorial” the album gets a bit ahead of itself with the strings and the middle arrangements dragging on slightly. Besides the odd bit of over-extravagance here and there, the album is still a pop album through and through. On songs like the stellar “Fade Away” Susanne’s confident voice shines through the sugary synthesizers and driving percussion which makes the track danceable as hell. Susanne has the perfect voice for the genre, on the song “Accelerate” her voice is sinister and brooding on the verses which climaxes on the hook which is delivered with the perfect amount of snide. This coldness in her delivery is fitting not only for the genre but also for the subject matter which details the ups and downs of a potentially toxic relationship. The song “Delirious” sees Susanne exploring her place in the relationship in a way similar to “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift but minus the sarcasm. Instead of mocking the jealousy-fuelled behaviour, “Delirious” straight up revels in it, celebrating all things hormonal in a fun and eye-opening way. Despite the title, Ten Love Songs tells a story of an obsession and all the victories and defeats which come with it. It is overly extravagant at times but always enjoyable and often touching; Ten Love Songs may be the must-listen pop album of the year.
Rating: 4.3/5


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